Perfect (!) Christmas Pudding! ….at least that is what it is called!

It is a Nigel Slater Christmas Pudding I am making this year. It is gonna fill 2 –  1.5 litre pudding basins!

I soaked chopped dried fruit – sultanas, currants, figs, cherries overnight in a bottle of Brandy!

I grated 2 apples and zest and juice of 2 oranges.



I added ginger syrup, chopped Ginger, SR Flour and Suet




Mucovado Sugar,6 eggs mixed spice  and breadcrumbs



Stirred it all together. Then I filled my greased pudding Basins


Forgot to take a Pic of Brandy at beginning so here it is –


Note the concentration of the Cook and in some pictures she is working so fast it is a blur ! 😛



About annie

I am Annie, living in a village just outside of Winchester in the Southern part of the UK. I am married to Bernie for 21 years and have Emma and Becky, 18 and 15. Two cats, two dogs, rabbit and 6 Shubunkin. I believe totally in recycling and Charity Shopping. I like writing and books. I sell interesting generally old books on Amazon.Hopefully this blog will be about my finds and include snippets of family life . I have three other blogs, one for my Rabbit, Black cat and my poetry. You should be able to find them here!
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One Response to Perfect (!) Christmas Pudding! ….at least that is what it is called!

  1. Wow I am so lucky to get one of those puddings and what a fantastic blog post!

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