My latest find from the local junk shop are these belt buckles bought for £3. The Owner does House Clearances and  I guess he didn’t know what to do with them.  I snapped them up! Some are plastic, bakelite and metal. All  are Vintage.


About annie

I am Annie, living in a village just outside of Winchester in the Southern part of the UK. I am married to Bernie for 21 years and have Emma and Becky, 18 and 15. Two cats, two dogs, rabbit and 6 Shubunkin. I believe totally in recycling and Charity Shopping. I like writing and books. I sell interesting generally old books on Amazon.Hopefully this blog will be about my finds and include snippets of family life . I have three other blogs, one for my Rabbit, Black cat and my poetry. You should be able to find them here!
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  1. rebecca says:

    Oh, Annie – I’m delighted to “meet” you – and see some of your most recent “finds”! The belt buckles are really quite wonderful….and I enjoyed the information and history that you incorporate with some of your other treasures, too!

  2. liz says:

    And what will you do with them, Annie?! I am fascinated.
    In reply to your question on my post: I’m part of a church called Zac’s and we’ve started a new project working with local midwives to help destitute pregnant women and their babies. Often without English as a first language, not in receipt of benefits, and, the midwives suspect, the victims of rape.

    • annie says:

      That sounds wonderful. A Church that operates within the community to help. I remember I liked your post about visiting the prisoners. X

      I am unsure what to do with them but I reckon they will be useful to textile students at local Art College.

  3. annie says:

    Thank you for dropping by Rebecca X

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