My San Marino girls

 San Marino is a tiny independent country  surrounded by  Italy.  It is inrernationally famous for two products – its postage stamps and its ceramics. Pottery was being made there for centuries .  In 1955 the government took notice of this industry growing in its midst and to its credit decided to help promote it  by creating an International Exhibition of Modern Ceramics. From June through October of that year the exhibition took place at the Kursaal Congress Centre and met with great international press coverage Basically they gave the big factories of Italy some good competition

It is these Mid Century Modern ceramics that are so beautiful. They always  feature  the same  lady. I picked these up over the years for pence at car boot sales.

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Any port in a storm

A thunderstorm makes the most unlikely friends bond together.

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Bern bought this Red Label Denim Jacket in 1976. It has had a lot of wear! My Mother in Law sewed him a new collar from the fabric of his jeans at the time. Bern’s weight never fluctuates so this means he has the most clothes in the house!  He was wearing this when I met him 23 years ago!

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Another beautiful Maxi skirt. It has a flattering shape. I can still remember the blood,sweat and tears that went into making this when I was at school.

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Must be Autumn

Out of my bedroom window…

Sunbleached leaves cling tightly rattling with mirth being whisked and whipped as if on some expensive fair ground ride, (only losing the odd paying customer).

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Mare’s tails and mackerel scales make lofty ships take in their sails…

Our Sky this afternoon is beautiful. Apparently it’s called a ‘Mackerel sky’ or if you are in Germany ‘a flock of sheep’. They are small, white and fluffy cirrocumulus clouds and consist of ice crystals.

 photo 1380623_523912087697950_1738747698_n.jpg

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Latest Find

I adore Native Pottery. I picked up this Betty Quezada Vase at the weekend.

It comes from Mexico, near the ruins of Casas Grandes. Mata Ortiz is a small village in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico, less than 100 miles from the Mexico border. It is here that Juan Quezada was born and began this art pottery movement.

Mata Ortiz pots are hand built without the use of a potter’s wheel. Shaping, polishing and painting the clay is entirely done by hand, often with brushes made from children’s hair. All materials and tools originate from supplies that are readily available locally. The preferred fuel for the low temperature firing is grass-fed cow manure or split wood. Each of these characteristics derive from the ancient pottery traditions of the region, however Mata Ortiz ware incorporates elements of contemporary design and decoration and each potter or pottery family produces distinctive individualized ware.

 photo 1372788_522174894538336_1388001735_n.jpg

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