My San Marino Mariners on sweet water

San Marino is a tiny independent country  surrounded by  Italy.  It is inrernationally famous for two products – its postage stamps and its ceramics. Pottery was being made there for centuries .  In 1955 the government took notice of this industry growing in its midst and to its credit decided to help promote it  by creating an International Exhibition of Modern Ceramics. From June through October of that year the exhibition took place at the Kursaal Congress Centre and met with great international press coverage Basically they gave the big factories of Italy some good competition

It is these Mid Century Modern ceramics that are so beautiful. They always  feature  the same  lady. I picked these up over the years for pence at car boot sales.




About annie

I am Annie, living in a village just outside of Winchester in the Southern part of the UK. I am married to Bernie for 21 years and have Emma and Becky, 18 and 15. Two cats, two dogs, rabbit and 6 Shubunkin. I believe totally in recycling and Charity Shopping. I like writing and books. I sell interesting generally old books on Amazon.Hopefully this blog will be about my finds and include snippets of family life . I have three other blogs, one for my Rabbit, Black cat and my poetry. You should be able to find them here!
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