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This is a 1940’s/50’s wedding dress I picked up from a junk shop last weekend. It didn’t belong there and I believe it smiled as we left. It had been stored in a chest for years. Emma needed a wee bit of persuading to try it on!

It is very minimalist and smart, with a lightly dropped Basque waist and sweetheart neckline. Closure is with a hidden metal side zipper ensuring a flattering fit. The sleeves reach to the hand. The gown is floor length with a richly embroided netting covering it’s silk/satin. I say silk/satin because rations would have still been imposed and although they strangely didn’t apply to wedding gowns Brides still watched their silk content. Brides would have adored the introduction of Rayon (originally called artificial silk). Skinner Satin and Burlington were producers of Rayon. America as always was ahead of the game!


About annie

I am Annie, living in a village just outside of Winchester in the Southern part of the UK. I am married to Bernie for 21 years and have Emma and Becky, 18 and 15. Two cats, two dogs, rabbit and 6 Shubunkin. I believe totally in recycling and Charity Shopping. I like writing and books. I sell interesting generally old books on Amazon.Hopefully this blog will be about my finds and include snippets of family life . I have three other blogs, one for my Rabbit, Black cat and my poetry. You should be able to find them here!
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4 Responses to

  1. Liz says:

    I love the neckline!

  2. Annie says:

    Yes! It is gorgeous!

  3. It is Beautiful~ And I'm sure she is very Happy in her New Home 😉

  4. v8grrl says:

    so pretty, and actually with slight adjustment could actually be worn again. I always feel the same way when I see the metal tin photos in thrift shops…How could anyone dispose of family….but then again…I do ahve some family which I could easily thrift shop away shhhhhh

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